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Did you know what has been happening in the world right under our noses? 


We’ve heard this term more times then we could count but how many times have we brushed it under the rug because it wasn’t affecting us? 

We can no longer hide behind this and expect something to be done. 

We can no longer stay quiet & ignore what is happening in the world. 

Children are being abused as soon as they detach the umbilical cord. How scary is that?! 

These children are mentally and physically tortured everyday of their lives until they are dead or FOUND! 

It’s not only children, it’s teens and women as well. 

It could happen to any of us! 

We are talking a trillion dollar business!!

People are BUYING women & children!!

Knowing that we should fight to protect ourselves, our children, and God’s little angels that are lost in this fight. 

If this topic bothers you and you just choose not to hear or see it because it’s too “hard” imagine these children and women that are living it. 

I’m asking you to be their prayer warriors! 

Please dedicate time out of everyday and pray for these women & children. 

If you have a little left in you to give I  have a link below to an organization that is fighting child trafficking. They could use volunteers & donations to keep rescuing these sweet babies.



What a crazy time this world is encountering. While we are settling and learning to enjoy peace in our homes staying healthy and growing closer to Christ don’t forget to get lost in a story.This is exactly what a lot of us needed. If you haven’t had the time to read now is your chance to find a great book to start for free or super cheap from the link posted below. I’m sending all the love and prayers to each of you during this time. 🤍

Lots of love,


When God Speaks

For to often we have this thought in our minds that we are not good enough because we don’t hear God or feel God as many others do. That is far from the truth. God is constantly speaking to us but we are the ones not paying attention. God has his hands on us but we do not choose to notice his touch.

Hearing him speak is not like when you and I have a conversation. I have had signs, heared him spoken through others, music, through the Bible, and in my mind.

We far too often cloud our mind with thoughts and feelings that much include so much of this world we get what a lot call brain fog.

I encourage you to have some quiet time meditate and deap into his word. Pray and wait for his response. Do not rush it and don’t expect it in any certain way but know he’s there he’s listening he’s only waiting for you to.

Lots of Love,


The Joy of Less!

I have been so busy crafting for my first market I’m failing so bad at this blog!

I decided today I’m gonna try to relax and drink some tea while I continue where I left off on The Joy of Less.

I don’t know about you but I’ve already began my spring cleaning and I just can’t wait to get this home in order and make it feel like a place of peace!

When do you start your spring cleaning? Do you enjoy a more minimalistic lifestyle?

Lots of Love,


Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases via links on this website

Flamingo Bookmark

I have slowed down my everyday posting because I’m getting ready to do my first market! Yay!

I’m super excited and will have several different options for bookmarks available.

I love to crochet and I saw this bookmark on Pinterest and gave it a go. It’s pretty close to her pattern but yet so far from it as well because I cannot read a pattern!! I just crochet by sight & I just try to remember what I do and keep doing it.

Do you have any special tricks in crochet? What style book mark would you love to have?

Lots of love,


Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases via links on this website

Blind Date with a Book

Our local library is doing blind date with a book for the month of February. Isn’t this the cutest idea!

The white wrapped books are romance and brown are thriller. Check out two and you get a treat. It’s hard to get people to read these days with so much technology at their hands but our librarian always strives to get people in there and reading! My children love to be there as much as I.

If you haven’t visited your local library in a while go pass by and make a librarians day! 🖤

Lots of Love,